Smoke Doesn’t Always Lead to Fire – Thank Heavens!

So, Mondays – we all love them. For a stay-at-home mom, Mondays are usually just like any other. Sometimes there is a partner that leaves to go back to their 9 to 5 and that makes it a little different. But ultimately, the Monday dread usually doesn’t exist for those who stay at home and care for the children.

There are moments I wonder why I am here doing this stay at home thing and this unschooling thing. But then there are moments like today. And yes, today just happens to be Monday. Today is a day when my skills as a respectful parent were tested to their fullest.

Now, I am comparatively new to this respectful parenting thing. I have not fine tuned all my skills as of yet. And there are some things that ingrained programming has made a struggle. And this is where we begin. Continue reading “Smoke Doesn’t Always Lead to Fire – Thank Heavens!”


Living Intentionally…?

There are times I wonder why I started a blog. I have not been very good at keeping it up. And I am sure I have lost readers because of it. Sometimes I wonder if I really needed the exposure. What my message was supposed to be. Why? Why did I do this?

The short answer, I’m not sure right now.

Perhaps we all go through a phase where we don’t write. Sometimes we get blocked and can’t figure out what to say as we sit down at the keyboard. We all want to sound important and intelligent and to have our thoughts read and validated by others.  Some of us are writers at our core and just need to put this stuff down, even if it’s only for posterity. Others have an exact point to make or the point they are trying to make is to live a more purposeful life.

So why do we do this?

Why do we live by the clock to post on time as to not disappoint our readers, our followers, our “likers”? Continue reading “Living Intentionally…?”

Why I don’t ‘work.’

As I sift through my Facebook feed, I find a lot of memes about going back to work on Monday mornings. How people don’t want to face the day. Memes about not wanting to adult and wake up and give up 8 to 12 hours to the grind. Mondays are hard for the paycheck working public. I’ve been there. I get that. I used to dread the first day of my work week which was rarely Mondays, but hey, it’s a good metaphor. Right?

Then, when I start to go about the more productive part of my day and begin my work, I wonder one thing – why don’t I get a Monday? Not that Monday never comes for me by any means, but “Monday morning” comes after a weekend off or a day off which is why it has such a negative connotation. Continue reading “Why I don’t ‘work.’”