Is English no longer valid here?

Sometimes I wonder why I am driven to write. It is excruciating sometimes – critics and the lay people can be so harsh. I am not sure why that is the case. I can be a turtle without a shell when it comes to my writing. Perhaps that’s why I never did much with my skill. Maybe I just don’t have thick enough skin to handle this. Then I wonder how much I have been bursting at the seams to just type something. To play on words. To create a riveting story.

Then I wonder if I have the skill, the talent and the time to develop. Oh – that’s the scary part. The skill is not necessarily something that can be completely taught. Some people have developed their skill and shared it with the world in the way of publishing their works. Most say the written word is dead. It all has to be digital – books will go to the wayside and all forms of communication will become something online. Continue reading “Is English no longer valid here?”


Things that make you go hmmmm…

I’ve been away for a while and I’ll explain it for you. My last post was super negative. I hate it when I get like that, but I have promised genuine reality. And the reality is, people by nature are not always happy. We all have our moments when it’s better we don’t deal with people or things or successfully adult. But I hope I made you think a little while on my high horse. Sorry, someone rubbed me wrong that day when I was running an errand in the morning. All that aside, I wonder why we only gravitate toward the positive.

I’ve read a lot of things recently and watched a lot of things recently. The eclipse was a very big deal. We sat on my bed eating popcorn and watched as many states received their two plus minutes of darkness. I’ve read more information on conscious parenting and children’s rights – yes, they have them and are entitled to exercise them regularly. Continue reading “Things that make you go hmmmm…”

Why I don’t ‘work.’

As I sift through my Facebook feed, I find a lot of memes about going back to work on Monday mornings. How people don’t want to face the day. Memes about not wanting to adult and wake up and give up 8 to 12 hours to the grind. Mondays are hard for the paycheck working public. I’ve been there. I get that. I used to dread the first day of my work week which was rarely Mondays, but hey, it’s a good metaphor. Right?

Then, when I start to go about the more productive part of my day and begin my work, I wonder one thing – why don’t I get a Monday? Not that Monday never comes for me by any means, but “Monday morning” comes after a weekend off or a day off which is why it has such a negative connotation. Continue reading “Why I don’t ‘work.’”

Marbles I Lost

Marbles – the term is multi-faceted. And it is involved in a lot of metaphors which makes it more interesting,

There is the game of marbles, played mostly by children. A challenge of strategy and skill. And if you don’t play or no longer play, you can collect these cute little spheres for fun or display. Some of which are quite interesting, pretty or cool.

Then there are metaphors, phrases –

You have no marbles! This means balls or courage. You have no the courage or bravery to do as you probably need to.

You’ve lost your marbles. Far from the previous incarnation, it means you’ve lost your mind. You don’t remember properly. The memory of what we are speaking is lost. Continue reading “Marbles I Lost”

I’m an Advocate

So, I guess I should take the time to really introduce myself in case anyone is really interested. At the moment, I am many things but first and foremost, I am a mom and wife. This makes me an advocate for many reasons.

I have a teenage daughter. Right now, she’s preparing to go back to school and learning how to drive a motor vehicle. Scary right. I am an advocate for her in many ways. I help her to learn how to stand up for and protect herself. Then there are all the ways I try to advocate for her future through consent campaigns and protests against rising interest rates and student loans. I do this because it will most immediately affect her. Continue reading “I’m an Advocate”